Laptop and Notebook

Technical Development 

Our roots are in product development. We've built a network of technical talent ranging from hardware and software engineers with expertise in online/web, App, and cloud services.


Artist Painting a Mural

Visual Design

1o1 has contact to talent across the various sectors of print and digital design. Our creatives can support projects ranging from UI/UX to layout and print.


Beige Blouse and Black Skirt


Skilled content creators are an important element to any successful communication. 1o1 has several photographers with portfolios ranging from lifestyle to fashion photography.


Rustic Metal Structure

Technical Consulting

Through our vast network we can recruit talent to support agile product and project management needs.


Concept +Art Direction

Concept Art Direction

Concept and Art Direction is a special talent which requires a specific skill-set. At 1o1 our ADs are idea makers; they create messages and know how to work with creative teams to visualise stories.


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